10/26/2014 04:19 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2014

Bill Murray Introduced An NFL Game In London Wearing A Bear Hat

Bill Murray is the type of guy who could engage in any weird, random act of absurdity and we'd hardly question it. Why? Because he's Bill Murray.

The "St. Vincent" actor introduced the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons NFL game that took place on Sunday in London. He was wearing a bear hat, because why not. “If I were an Englishman and heard the Falcons were gonna fight the Lions in public, it would sound a little too cruel for me," Murray says in the video. "I'd stay home and drink beer and tea like they do."

Murray also announced another NFL game taking place in the U.S. between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals. Then the actor broke into a cardinal whistle and did a weird little dance. It's bizarre, it's hilarious and it's definitely our second-favorite Murray commercial. (You know which one's first.)

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