10/26/2014 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

On Hillary Clinton's Birthday, Here Are 7 Awesome Things She Said This Year

It's been an eventful year for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

With the release of her memoir about being secretary of state, Hard Choices, came dozens of interviews and speeches about her experiences as a woman in the public eye. She's deflected probably a thousand questions about her plans to run in 2016 (fingers crossed, right?). And, of course, she became a grandmother to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky on September 26.

In honor of her 67th birthday, here are seven of our favorite Hillary Clinton quotes this year:

1. On how done she is with people dissecting her appearance:

hillary clinton birthday

2. On how to handle criticism while in the public eye:

hillary clinton birthday

3. On the advice she'll offer her granddaughter someday:

hillary clinton birthday

4. On her hopes for female leadership in the U.S. at the highest level:

hillary clinton birthday

5. On the importance of recognizing capability in all women:

hillary clinton birthday

6. On the problems with our justice system in the aftermath of Michael Brown's death:

hillary clinton birthday

7. On responding to explicitly sexist comments:

hillary clinton birthday

Happy Birthday, Hillz! And bring on more wisdom in 2015.

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