10/27/2014 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Panty Raider Benjamin Hawkins Allegedly Stole Guns, Ladies' Underwear

An underhanded teen allegedly stole 500 pairs of women's underwear, two firearms and jewelry on a spree in California's Bay Area.

Petaluma police announced they'd arrested 18-year-old Benjamin Hawkins last Tuesday following an investigation into missing guns and ladies' unmentionables.

Hawkins probably got his hands on the panties during "lawful visits with friends and residential burglaries," according to a press release from Petaluma Sgt. Rick Cox.

One of the guns that the accused panty raider stole had been turned into an illegal sawed-off shotgun, Cox's statement said.

When police made their move, they found the teen riding a skateboard allegedly with five freshly purloined panties stuffed in his pants, the Argus-Courier reported.

He'd been on the radar of police after a neighbor reported that a burglar stole two guns and several skivvies.

Hawkins didn't reduce suspicion when he told police they could search anywhere except his bedroom in his mom's house, according to NBC's Bay Area station.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers combed through Hawkins' bedroom. They say they found the stolen underwear, weapons and baubles.

Police charged Hawkins with burglary, and possession and modification of an unlawful shotgun. Bail was set at $40,000 and Hawkins was held in Sonoma County Jail, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's website.

He's scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 3, according to information on the Sonoma County Sheriff's website.

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