10/28/2014 09:02 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2014

Lorraine Toussaint Will Reportedly Return For 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3


After Vee was hit by a car in last season's "Orange Is the New Black" finale, chances that Lorraine Toussaint would return for the show's third season looked pretty slim. But according to TMZ, the actress will indeed report for filming on Tuesday morning in New York. There's currently no word whether Vee will be miraculously alive or only appear in one of the show's myriad flashback scenes. Our bet is on the latter, though after last season, even Toussaint teased the possibility that Vee had a future at Litchfield. Speaking to The Daily Beast, she said:

"Is Vee dead? Is she not? Is she dead? Is Vee dead? She’s a survivor. You never know. It’s Jenji Kohan, so you never know …"

Netflix had no comment on the matter when reached by HuffPost Entertainment, but the service did tell BuzzFeed that Toussaint would not appear on Season 3. Or maybe she will: Later on Tuesday, TMZ posted a video of Toussaint walking onto the set of "Orange is the New Black." She wouldn't confirm or deny her involvement. "If I were to do that, they would have to kill me. For real. Again," Toussaint said. Pressed what kind of role she would have in Season 3 if she was to appear, Toussaint said she couldn't say. "Can Vee really be dead? She's alive somewhere."

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