10/29/2014 01:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Max Weinberg Finally Reunited With Conan O'Brien, And It's Almost Like He Never Left

Max Weinberg is back!

When drummer James Wormworth fell into an abandoned mine (despite the fact that Conan O'Brien warned the band not to go near there), the Basic Cable Band was in desperate need of a percussionist. Conveniently, Weinberg was on hand to save the day.

After he took his seat behind the drums, Weinberg and Conan seemed to immediately resume the same rapport they had in their previous 17 years together in late night TV. The reunion has been a long time coming. The pair has been apart nearly 5 years after splitting in the fallout from the "Tonight Show" controversy at NBC.

Though Weinberg was just stopping by, we hope this is the first of many reunions because the world has gone too long without these awkward staredowns:

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Image: GifSoup



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