10/30/2014 06:30 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2014

'Mindy Project' Actress Beth Grant Shares Her Story Of Awkwardly Kissing Mindy Kaling

You may not know Beth Grant's name, but you'll definitely recognize the hilarious character actress who has been in literally everything. These days she's making us laugh as batty nurse-turned-receptionist Beverly on 'The Mindy Project," and just like the rest of us, she's obsessed with Mindy Kaling.

Grant expressed just how much she loves Mindy with this adorable story she told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski on Thursday:

[Mindy] is gracious and lovely and kind, and always supportive and affectionate. A lot of times I'll be sitting in my makeup trailer and she comes by and gives me a little few fingers [on my shoulder to say hello], which is so thrilling to me. In fact, one day -- I'm sort of embarrassed to tell you this story -- but I actually kissed her hand one day. I went home and said, 'Well, Michael' -- that's my husband -- I said, 'I kissed her hand today. This is the end.' ... She reached over to kind of touch me a little bit and I just went [smooch], and I thought, 'I just kissed her hand!' But so what? I'm a fangirl, I'm a geek for Mindy, what can I tell you?

Watch Grant gush about Kaling in the video above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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