10/30/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2014

What's Expiring On Netflix In November 2014?

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November is bringing some great new titles to Netflix. But unfortunately, that means we also have to say goodbye to some of our favorite movies and TV shows currently on the site. With only a couple days left before the end of the month, start planning your marathon of all the disappearing films you haven't had a chance to watch with this list of titles leaving Netflix come November.

This list is tentative and subject to change. HuffPost Entertainment contacted a representative for Netflix to confirm that these films will disappear from the service on Nov. 1 and beyond.


"101 Dalmatians", 1996
"American Psycho," 2000
"Apocalypse Now," 1979
"Apocalypse Now Redux," 2001
"Balibo," 2009
"The Big Chill," 1983
"Blown Away," 1992
"Breezy," 1973
"Brighton Beach Memoirs,"1986
"Broadcast News," 1987
"The Buddy Holly Story," 1978
"Bullet Proof Monk," 2003
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,"1969
"Candyman," 1992
"Caveman," 1981
"Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie," 1980
"Cloak & Dagger," 1984
"The Conqueror Worm," 1968
"The Dogs of War," 1980
"Elvis ’56," 1987
"The Escape Artist", 1982
"Footloose," 1984
"For a Few Dollars More," 1965
"Fire in Babylon," 2010
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," 1966
"The Great Outdoors," 1988
"Hammett," 1982
"Hannibal," 2001
"He Said, She Said," 1991
"Heat Wave," 2011
"Iceman," 1984
"King Solomon’s Mines," 1985/"Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold," 1987
"La Bamba," 1987
"Les Miserables," 1998
"The Ninth Gate," 1999
"The Odessa File," 1974
"One from the Heart," 1982
"Orca: The Killer Whale," 1977
"The Prince of Tides," 1991
"A Raisin in the Sun," 2008
"Red State," 2011
"Say Anything," 1989
"Serenity," 2005
"Silent Running," 1971
"Single White Female,"1992
"Small, Beautifully Moving Parts," 2011
"St. Elmo’s Fire," 1985
"Starman," 1984
"Steel Magnolias," 1989
"Stephen Fry in America," 2008 (Nov. 8)
"Tetro," 2009
"Thelma & Louise," 1991
"Tortilla Soup," 2001
"Trees Lounge," 1996
"Under the Tuscan Sun," 2003
"Up at the Villa," 2000
"Vigilante Force," 1976

TV Shows
"Bob the Builder," 1999-2012
"Land Girls," 2009-2011 (Nov.8)
"The Magic School Bus," 1994-1997 (Nov. 5)
"Thomas & Friends," 2005-2012



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