11/05/2014 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Animals Who Dream Of Being Dogs Someday

Being a dog seems like the best gig ever. Possibly even better than writing lists. We are therefore not particularly surprised that other members of the animal kingdom want in on some of this furry, slobbery, holy-sh*t-was-that-a-squirrel-y action, as shown by the ample evidence below. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, duh.

And so we present: a bunch of panting, snuggling, stick-chasing non-canines who clearly wish they were dogs. Big shoutout to imgurians everywhere.

We bet this guy's favorite thing is sticking his head out the window in the car.


His name is Fido, probably.


Seeing his human is this guy's favorite thing in the whole wide world.


Meanwhile, this guy totally got an A in obedience school.


Here's a little guy who could play fetch all day long.


And this guy loves a good belly rub, yep.


They probably have to spell out T-R-E-A-T all the time so he doesn't get too excited.


This guy carries his favorite toy around everywhere, aww.


And this guy craves a nice pat every now and again.

Or the taste of human flesh, we can't be sure.

While this guy likes all the attention he can get.


Aww, look at this little orange guy with his brothers and sisters.


These little guys both want to be man's best friend.


The only thing this guy loves more than playing in water is saying hello!!!


Behind the ears is this guy's favorite spot for a scratch.


And here's a seal that looks like a dog.

Jk lol.



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