11/04/2014 02:30 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2014

Edible Houseplants Make It Possible To Eat Your Living Room

This takes "never leaving the couch" to a whole new level.

Next time you're hankering for a mid-Netflix snack, don't run to the fridge -- just grab the nearest houseplant. Prickly pear (aka a kind of cactus), may we say, is an especially savory option for when you're too lazy to make it out to the backyard... or to even leave the sofa.

Thanks to the intrepid folks at BuzzFeed, we now know we can eat a variety of plants that we're already using for home decor -- and while aloe vera, roses and violets get poor marks in the taste department, reviewers say prickly pear is actually quite delicious.

Turns out prickly pear -- which can be used to add a desert-like vibe to your living room -- is also a staple of the Mexican diet. It's used in tarts, salads, candies and as a healthy, cut-and-eat snack.

Recipes abound for everything from prickly pear sorbet to prickly pear BBQ sauce. And the cactus fruit goes great with ranch.

"It's pretty good," raves one reviewer. "It's like a bell pepper."

Of course, there are other plants you can grow this season that are better-known 'round the dinner table. Autumn is an especially awesome time to start a home garden with romaine, carrots and radishes.

We say pass the hummus!



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