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Tuesday's Morning Email: Election Day Dawns

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ELECTION DAY DAWNS “On a final, furious day of campaigning, Republicans strained to capture control of the Senate while Democrats struggled to limit their congressional losses in elections midway through an unpopular President Barack Obama's second term … The cost of the campaign climbed toward $4 billion, and there seemed no end to the attack ads on television — or to the requests for donations keep them on the air.” Chances that the GOP takes the Senate are nearing 80%. [AP]

YOUR GO-TO PRIMER Here’s what you need to be watching for tonight, and who’s on the ballot in each state. Make sure you know what time the polls close in your area. Don’t get arrested while using your phone at your polling place. Check out the answers to the midterm election questions you were too embarrassed to ask. And keep up with the Election Day action with Huffington Post’s liveblog.

EBOLA ON THE DECLINE IN LIBERIA While the epidemic is far from over, the number of patients is sharply declining. And as a reminder, here’s a map that lends some perspective on the spread of Ebola in Africa. [WaPo]

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING Verizon and AT&T track the internet usage of cellular customers with the use of “supercookies,” which cannot be erased. [WaPo]

OIL PRICES DROP “Oil prices tumbled to their lowest point in more than two years after Saudi Arabia unexpectedly cut prices for crude sold to the U.S., likely paving the way for further declines and adding to pressure on American energy producers ...The move heightened worries over the resilience of the U.S. oil industry, which has expanded rapidly in recent years.” [WSJ]

EBOLA-FREE, BUT CONTAGIOUS THROUGH SEX “There is scant research on to what degree it is passed on through sex, making the act of love a dangerous affair. The lack of knowledge on how sexual relations spreads Ebola means that health warnings here have been vague and not always effective … Clinics have issued survivors with a certificates that cautions them, in large letters, against having sex for 90 days. It doesn’t always work.” [WSJ]


NPR’S TOM MAGLIOZZI HAS DIED “Tom Magliozzi, the iconic host of "Car Talk" for nearly 35 years, died Monday at the age of 77, after a battle with Alzheimer's disease, NPR announced.” [HuffPost]

‘AFTER THE FALL’ “The number of older Americans who fall and suffer serious injuries has soared. More than 2.4 million over the age of 65 were treated in emergency departments for injuries from falls in 2012 alone, and in the decade ending in 2012, 201,000 Americans over 65 died after falls. Geriatricians generally agree that some older people possess an exaggerated sense of what they can still do, even as hazards lie in wait: staircases, throw rugs, slick bathtubs, concrete bumpers in parking lots, tree roots, their own pets. And medications like hypertension drugs and antidepressants, which can cause dizziness, are increasingly the cause of falls.” [NYT]

HATERS GONNA HATE But Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify. Girl knows how much she’s worth, and Spotify is less than pleased. [HuffPost]

JILL ABRAMSON’S VENTURE TO PAY JOURNALISTS $100,000 A STORY Bringing out the big bucks. [HuffPost]

G CAL JUST GOT A MASSIVE UPGRADE Forget the Google calendar of yesteryear. [Gmail]

BANISH THE PHONE FROM YOUR BEDROOM Stop the constant blue light. [HuffPost]

TOM HANKS IS REALLY INTO THIS TYPEWRITER THING He’ll be publishing a collection of short stories. [HuffPost]

‘GIRLS’ SEASON FOUR LOOKS AS AWKWARD AS EVER And we couldn’t be more excited. [HuffPost]


VOTING ON THE DRUG WAR “Whatever else Tuesday may bring, it looks poised to be a banner day for those of us who have long sought to end America's failed war on drugs. And if the stars and voter participation align, it may indeed prove a tipping point in the long fight toward a possible landslide for Drug War Reform. Citizens across the country will vote Tuesday on more initiatives to reform drug control policy than at any other time in American history.” [HuffPost]


~ Meet the penguin robo-chick.

~ Christian Bale has bowed out of the Steve Jobs biopic.

~ Rihanna has a pretty explicit Christmas wish.

~ Matt Lauer’s beard is back for “No-Shave November.”

~ Truffle oil: don’t believe the hype.

~ Proof of “Bendgate.”

~ And here are all the arcade games you’ve been missing, no quarter required.

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