11/05/2014 12:16 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2014

Fox News's Awkward Hall Walk Is Still Really Long, Painfully Awkward

Question: When is a hallway too long for live TV?

Answer: When it takes a host 1 minute and 22 seconds -- including a stop to discuss snack options -- to walk down it. (For those interested, apparently Fox keeps peanut butter M&Ms and "tasty" dark chocolate almonds on hand).

During Tuesday night's election coverage, Fox News host Megyn Kelly decided to ask the station's "Decision Desk" why they had yet to call a number of elections, including the Florida governor's race, which Charlie Crist had already conceded.

In order to ask them in person, Kelly had to take a painfully awkward trip, walking all the way from the studio to the number-crunching room. Thankfully, Fox had the good sense to broadcast the amusing walk.

If the journey seems like a trip down memory lane, there's good reason: Kelly made the same walk in 2012 after Karl Rove challenged the station for calling the U.S. Presidential Election for Barack Obama.