11/06/2014 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Guy Surprises Cashier In Need With $500 And A Nice Card, And Now She Can't Stop Smiling

Daniel Fernandez says he's a magician, but the beauty of this YouTube video has nothing to do with a slight-of-hand trick or puff of smoke, it's in the straightforward honesty and kindness.

In October, the Los Angeles-based YouTuber surprised a cashier named Debi at a convenience store Fernandez frequents, giving her $500, just for being a great person.

"Debi, every time I come in here, you're always smiling," he tells the disbelieving woman as she stares at the $100 bills. "Every time I come in here, you ask me how I am, and I look behind me, and every time you ask other people how they are ... You deserve this because you are awesome."

Debi, all smiles, repeatedly tells Fernandez, "Thank you!" and gives him a gigantic hug. She then explains she's been riding the bus for the past seven years and will use the money to buy a car. "I so need it, too!" Debi exclaims, "Thank you so much."

WATCH the video above to see Fernandez surprise Debi.

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