Watch Michelle Obama And The Penguins of 'Madagascar' Bust Myths About Veterans

Michelle Obama wants America to celebrate its veterans, and she's recruited some of her chillest animated friends to get the word out.

In a video created by the Got Your 6 campaign, the first lady gave the penguins from DreamWorks' "Madagascar" film a top-secret mission regarding Veterans Day on Nov. 11. After stating military members and their families inspire her every day, Obama asks the penguins to examine certain facts and myths about veterans. The birds were happy to oblige.

As the penguins discovered, for example, veterans cannot "make a bed so tight, you can bounce a quarter off of it" -- as the video humorously noted -- but it is true that veterans are great leaders and problem solvers, and excel when working on teams, according to the video.

Michelle Obama has been a staunch advocate for vets and their families throughout her husband's time as president. In 2011, along with Dr. Jill Biden, Obama launched Joining Forces, a White House initiative that partners the public sector with private organizations to encourage communities to expand career and educational opportunities for veterans -- a group still struggling to overcome a higher rate of unemployment than civilians, as PBS reported.

In June, Obama also launched the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, which encourages local leaders to end the crisis in their own communities by 2015. As the National Alliance to End Homelessness noted in September, roughly 225 communities across the country have taken the pledge.



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