11/06/2014 09:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Naomi Campbell Says She Still Gets Scared Before Hitting The Runway

After nearly 30 years in the fashion industry and a reputation for being one of the fiercest supermodels in the world, Naomi Campbell is the last person you'd think would still be scared to hit the runway. Be it's true.

The 44-year-old beauty told Net-A-Porter's The Edit in this week's cover story, “I still get scared. I cross myself before I go onto the runway. I pray my dress isn’t going to fall off.”

Campbell has definitely had a few mishaps on (and off) the catwalk, but she still maintains her iconic status.

“If you feel fear, fear will come to you," Campbell told The Edit. "Fear is a terrible thing to have and I’ve been aware of that since I was a kid. It can stop you doing things in your life. I don’t want fear to get hold of me.”

Speaking of doing things, Campbell still as busy as ever. Beyond her major modeling gigs, "The Face" producer is set to star in Lee Daniels' forthcoming TV drama called "Empire," and recently launched the #CrushEbolaNow campaign, which is raising money to help fight the deadly virus.

Head over to Net-A-Porter to read Campbell's full interview where she also opens up about her close friendship with John Galliano and spending time with her family. And here are a few amazing photos from the cover shoot.

naomi campbell the edit

naomi campbell the edit

naomi campbell

naomi campbell



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