11/07/2014 01:16 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Cazwell Releases 'Hot Homo' Featuring Big Dipper

Are you a "Hot Homo"?

Two of our favorite queer NYC rappers have teamed up to bring you "Hot Homo," a gay parody of Bobby Shmurda's summer rap anthem "Hot N*gga."

Cazwell brilliantly subverts Shmurda's aggressively heteronormative lyrics about murder and drugs with quips about what it means to be a "Hot Homo."

"’Hot Homo’ is no more overtly sexual than what I hear on any given hip-hop radio station," Cazwell explained, according to Towleroad. "The point of the song is that gay men should feel as entitled to express themselves sexually as straight guys. That’s been my message since I dropped my ‘All Over Your Face’ single in 2006."

He went on to note, "First of all, being gay is the f*ckin’ sh*t. I have an amazing life that I wouldn’t have if I was one of my brothers. I don’t deal with the stress of being married with kids. 
I get to enjoy hot boys and d*ck."

Head here to download the track for free or here to buy Cazwell's new album, "Hard 2 B Fresh."



Hip Hop And Homosexuality