11/10/2014 01:20 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Aid Workers Risk Their Lives To Help Because 'That's Who We Are'


As Dr. Rick Sacra prepared to fly to Liberia to treat patients in the Ebola zone, he prepared for the worst.

He sat down with his wife, Debbie, at their home in Worcester, Mass., for a conversation both somber and direct, showing her a spreadsheet of insurance and family assets. “We talked about the risk that I could get Ebola, and I could die.” Colleagues from SIM, the group that he works with, had suggested he would most likely be safe. One told him, “If you follow the protocols, you won’t get it.”

But Ebola got Dr. Sacra. Airlifted back to the United States, he recovered, but “I am still regaining my strength,” he said. “Still regaining the stamina that I had before the illness.”

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