11/10/2014 07:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Is This Woman A Hypochondriac? (VIDEO)

Dana says that her older sister, Shemida, is destroying their family because she is always sick. “My sister is a hypochondriac,” she says, explaining that her sister takes up to 20 medications a day. “She’s so doped up on these medications, she can’t function," adds Dana, who believes her sister has some physical ailments but doesn’t believe Shemida is as sick as she says she is. “She’ll take her sleeping medication in the morning. She now is sleeping all day and up all night.”

Shemida says she has been diagnosed with more than 70 medical and mental health conditions and prescribed more than 80 medications in the past 10 years. In the video above, she lists the numerous medications she currently takes. “I feel like a walking pharmacy,” she says.

Dana also says she believes her sister has OCD. “My sister has hundreds of wigs, just rows and rows of wigs,” she says. Her latest obsession is Hello Kitty. “Hello Kitty has exploded in her house. She has her grown husband sleeping in a Hello Kitty comforter. That’s not normal.”

On his show Wednesday, Dr. Phil weighs in on Shemida’s behavior. Is there a reason she might be hiding behind illnesses and medications? Check here for local listings.

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