11/10/2014 11:53 am ET

Jon Stewart Mocks George W. Bush's Artsy Retirement By Comparing It To Jimmy Carter's

Call him crazy, but Jon Stewart thinks there are more important things Dubya should be doing with his retirement.

This weekend Stewart sat down with his old friend Mo Rocca on CBS's "Sunday Morning" to talk about his new film "Rosewater," which he wrote and directed. The film covers the politics and protests of Iran's 2009 elections as seen through the eyes of one journalist.

With George W. Bush also being interviewed on that episode of "Sunday Morning," Stewart was asked about interviewing politicians and about the former president. Stewart answered the question the way only he could, comparing Bush with another former president, Jimmy Carter.

"Jimmy Carter's, like, 108, he's out in Africa, like, pulling Guinea worms out of children's feet trying to cure them. Bush is at home, 'Ah, bring me my fruit bowl, I'm doin' a still life. Heh heh heh.'"

Check out the full interview up top, and be careful there on the edge of your seat waiting for George W. Bush's next painting.

CBS News Sunday Morning airs Sunday's at 9 a.m. Eastern.



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