11/10/2014 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Jedi Babies' Battle It Out Over A Cupcake In 'Star Wars' Parody Video

When filmmaker Oscar Rene Lozoya II isn't working as an assistant editor for shows like "Chicago Fire," he likes to spend time with his big California family, he told The Huffington Post in an email. One of his family get-togethers inspired this adorable new "Star Wars" parody.

"Star Wars Jedi Babies - Crib Wars Episode I : The Baby Menace" shows Baby Darth Vader and Princess Leia battling it out for the last cupcake in the kitchen ... er, galaxy. Lozoya's second cousins star in the short film -- with 5-year-old Joshua as Darth Vader, 1-year-old Violet as Princess Leia, and a special appearance by 17-month-old Matthew as Baby Yoda.

Lozoya came up with the idea for the movie after he took a photo of baby Matthew scarfing down a cupcake at his birthday party. As he and Joshua are both big "Star Wars" fans, the filmmaker decided to incorporate a Jedi element into the cupcake story.

star wars

This isn't the first movie Lozoya has made with his cousins -- the "Superbaby" video starring Violet has almost 25,000 views. "These videos really give me an excuse to meet up with my family, have a lot of fun, and still feel like I'm working on my craft as a filmmaker," he said. He describes working with kids as "very unpredictable but a lot of fun. They just do the funniest things in the world."

As for "Star Wars Jedi Babies," Lozoya is happy to know that his video can bring happiness to people who watch it, "even if it is just for 60 seconds." He added, "If I can turn somebody's day around and give them a smile, it's all worth the hard work."

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