11/10/2014 01:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mom-To-Be Surprises Dad With Emotional 'Up'-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

"Up" is already famous for getting the tears flowing. So just imagine what happens when you add a pregnancy announcement to the mix.

That's exactly what Erika Jackson did when she presented her husband, Jacob, with a framed print of the house from "Up."

"Did you make this?" Jacob asked when he first opened the print.

"Do you think I can draw that well?" Erika asked.

As soon as Jacob turned the print over and read the poem on the back revealing Erika's pregnancy, he immediately started crying and said, "We did it!"

The L.A. couple got married in 2012. They hadn't yet conceived when Erika started secretly planning her pregnancy announcement.

"Before I knew I was pregnant, I planned how I would tell Jacob he was going to be a dad. I bought an art print of the 'Up' house sitting on Paradise Falls (we love all things animation) and wrote him a poem on the back (he wrote me a children's book when he proposed)," Erika wrote in the description of YouTube video she recorded when Jacob opened his gift. "This was his perfect reaction!!!!"

Here's a picture of the print:


And here's the poem on the back:


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