11/11/2014 07:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is How You Bake Cake In An Orange. Over A Campfire.

We've got great news: You never ever have to go a day without eating chocolate cake. Even if you should find yourself in the middle of the woods, with nothing more than a campfire, a couple of oranges and cake batter, you can bake yourself up a chocolate cake that might, maybe, be worth writing home about. We know the chances of those three things happening at once are incredibly slim. But just in case it does materialize for you, you're going to need to know how to put those items together to create an edible cake.

YouTuber NorthSurvival put together a video that demonstrates how to do just that. Now, this isn't the prettiest cake that's ever been baked. Not even close. But, it does taste a little bit like orange which means its almost gourmet. And, you get to eat it in the middle of the woods.

We broke down the video for you in GIF-able steps because that's obviously the best way to learn any new skill. But scroll down to the bottom to see the complete video by NorthSurvival.

Here's how you get your cake in the woods, and eat it too:

First, make a fire like so.

YouTube: NorthSurvival

You can show off your Boy Scout skills like NorthSurvival did. Or just use a lighter for ease and accessibility. No one will know.

Cut the orange in half.

YouTube: NorthSurvival
Again, you can go big and bold with an ax like NorthSurvival chooses to do, or just cut it in half with a pocket knife. It all depends on how much aggression you need to release at the time of baking.

Cut out the flesh of the orange.

YouTube: NorthSurvival
Carefully! You don't want to puncture the skin of the fruit. Gently pry it out once you've cut all around. We love how barbaric NorthSurvival was about cutting the orange in half, but then he ever-so-delicately pried out the flesh from the orange.

Now, pour the chocolate cake batter into half of the orange.

YouTube: NorthSurvival
Don't skimp; fill it up all the way. You can use NorthSurvival's recipe -- watch the video above for that -- or a basic brownie mix can work well too.

Attach the lid.

YouTube: NorthSurvival
Make sure it's nice and snug to protect the cake while it's cooking in the fire.

Bake your cake.

YouTube: NorthSurvival
Or rather, FIRE your cake. If you have a roaring fire going, carefully place it on the outskirts of the flames. But if you just have a pile of hot coals like what you see above, snugly fit the orange right in the center. Please use caution!


YouTube: NorthSurvival
As we warned above, this is not the prettiest cake ever baked. Okay, it's not remotely good looking. But guys, it's chocolate cake that you baked inside of an orange on top of a campfire. You can't really expect a whole lot from a cake like that.

Watch the video above for the full version of this cake-baking process and never let camping get in the way of you and your cake again.

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