11/11/2014 01:43 am ET Updated Nov 11, 2014

She Lost Her Wedding Ring 15 Years Ago. Her Husband Just Returned It In The Best Way

About 15 years ago, Lacey Butler’s mom lost a priceless piece of jewelry: her wedding ring.

“We searched the house high and low for months,” Butler wrote on YouTube, adding that the family finally concluded that the ring had been either lost or stolen.

But late last month, Butler says her dad made an incredible discovery. There, stashed in a small wooden box that he had found by chance, was the long-lost ring.

“We knew reuniting [my mom with her ring] was going to be emotional enough but dad and I had to add a twist,” wrote Butler. And what a wonderfully romantic twist it was.

In the video above, watch as Butler’s dad proposes to his wife of 38 years with the ring she’d lost so long ago.

Getting down on one knee in the garage of their home, he’s seen pulling out the ring and presenting it to his wife. Her reaction is beyond words.

(Watch the big reveal in the video above.)

Reflecting on the special proposal, Butler noted that her mom may have been a “little dramatic” in her reaction, “but hey, it's her missing wedding ring!”

Congratulations on the second engagement, lovebirds!



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