11/12/2014 10:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Bespoke Fashion Companies Prove That Some Things Are Worth Waiting For


Patience is a virtue -- but that doesn't seem to apply when comes to fashion, where we want everything quick, fast and in a hurry. While we can't deny the instant gratification that comes from being able to buy anything our hearts desire, sometimes it's nice to just slooooow down.

"Slow fashion" most commonly refers to sustainable production practices and overall consumer awareness when it comes to clothing, but for the purposes of this post, we're taking the term more literally. Bespoke, or custom-made fashion, is the ultimate personal style upgrade. Is there anything more glamorous than having clothes constructed to your exact specifications, both in terms of size and style?

Most clothing and accessories are being churned out at dizzying speeds, but thankfully there are also companies dedicated to slowing down the process and creating made-to-order items that will blow your mind.

Quoddy, a made-to-order shoe company based in Maine, is one of many brands solely dedicated to creating a business around bespoke.

"Right now the world has warehouses full of products designed by brands who push these products at consumers -- many of which [consumers] don't want," John Andreliunas, the president of Quoddy, told HuffPost Style. "We give [consumers] what they want to buy, not what we want to sell."

The waiting game is the hardest part, since most custom-made items take several weeks to produce. And contrary to popular belief, not all custom fashion is expensive. Websites such as Etsy and Custom Made celebrate the quality, accessibility and affordability of made-to-order goods. Made-to-measure brands also provide options for people with tricky sizing specifications (extra large feet, broad shoulders, petite, tall, etc).

With that said, Andreliunas believes that more people have --and should-- consider going the made-to-order route. "There are certain items, and certain brands, in which people are willing to make an investment if the enduring value and compelling experience is available to them."

We agree. So we rounded up a list of companies that prove that some things are worth waiting for.

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