11/12/2014 06:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch Joyful Reunion As A Kidnapped Puppy Is Returned To Relieved Family

Miyah may not have traveled as far as the animals in "Homeward Bound" to be reunited with her family, but that in no way diminishes the beauty of her excited, love-filled homecoming.

After a panicked day of searching, authorities found the 19-week-old pit bull puppy just a couple blocks from her home in Meriden, Connecticut, thanks to a tipster who told Miyah's family to look for the dog in a neighbor's basement. The dog disappeared Sunday night during a robbery, owner Carla Daniels told WTIC, which also resulted in the theft of a laptop and a Playstation 3.

Carla told the Hartford Courant her daughter, Ashleigh, was "inconsolable" and couldn't eat after Miyah went missing.

The family rescued Miyah when she was just 3 weeks old and had nursed her back to health. In the process of helping the pup overcome mites, worms and a urinary tract infection, Carla says they bonded with the dog and she quickly became an integral part of the family.

Which explains why the dog "was a maniac" when she finally made it home Monday, she told WFSB, with the dog "running around in circles and kissing everybody." (See a video of the reunion above)

According to ABC News, the person who tipped the family off about Miyah's hiding spot has turned down the reward and is just happy to have helped.

"I asked her several times," Carla told ABC News. "I offered her the reward. She says she just wants to see our family happy."

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