11/13/2014 11:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Artist Francesco Sambo Combines Humans With Beasts In 13 Surreal Photos

For too long, beast-people have been given a bad rap. Whether it's werewolves (who we're pretty sure just wanna cuddle), X-Men's Beast, or Mr. Tumnus, beast-people can't seem to go anywhere without getting some flack.

It ends today. In a series of hauntingly beautiful (and sometimes downright cute) photos, Italian artist Francesco Sambo has combined the heads of animals and insects with the bodies of some ripped dudes in a project dubbed "Bestiario." These are the kind of beast-people you want to have your back in a fight, not like those punk kids from Animorphs.

Check out some of Sambo's images below, and the full collection on his website.

Bestiario by Francesco Sambo

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