11/13/2014 05:20 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gavin Grimm, Transgender Teen, Fighting To Use Men's Restroom At School

A transgender teen in Virginia is fighting for the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with his gender identity.

Gavin Grimm is a 10th grader who was assigned female at birth and came out as transgender earlier this year. Now, the 15-year-old is generating a larger conversation surrounding bathroom rights for individuals identifying as transgender in Virginia.

The Gloucester County School Board is slated to hold a meeting on Dec. 9 to make a decision surrounding the bathroom rights of transgender individuals.

“The issue for me is that the only proposal to be voted on December 9 is for Gavin to go back to using the girls restroom, and there needs to be another proposal, because Gavin is not going to use the girls restroom, not going to happen. Gavin is a boy,” Grimm's mother reportedly stated.

Transgender students and school districts regularly battle over issues like this. After much debate and controversy, California passed a bill in 2013 that allows transgender students to use the bathroom and play on the sports team that corresponds with their gender identity. Additionally, Philadelphia passed similar legislation late last year.



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