11/13/2014 04:13 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2016

Intervention With Alcoholic Reality TV Star Suffering A Relapse

One year ago, Todd Herzog, winner of Survivor: China, entered a rehab program after his family, with help from Dr. Phil, attempted to save his life. After completing 90 days, Herzog left rehab and refused to go to aftercare. Herzog remained sober for almost four months.

After 114 days of sobriety, Herzog relapsed and has relapsed several times since. In April, he ended up in the ER with a blood alcohol level of .5. Herzog is now also experiencing hallucinations when he drinks.

“When he got back from rehab, Todd drank here and there, but it just kept reoccurring,” says his mom, Shirley. “The last couple of weeks, the hallucinations have been the scariest part. He started saying, ‘Mom, there’s a little girl in the closet.’”

With the possibility that Todd is days away from organ shutdown and death, Dr. Phil flies to Todd’s home for a life-saving intervention, as seen in the video above.

Herzog admits to Dr. Phil, “I have relapsed many times, and I am not OK. I have a problem, a drinking problem. A big time drinking problem, and I know that.”

On Dr. Phil on Thursday, see the dramatic plane ride back to Los Angeles, and what happens when Herzog speaks with his family and Dr. Phil. And on Friday, will Herzog accept a second chance at recovery? Check here to see where you can watch.