11/17/2014 03:38 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2014

Kevin Durant Reportedly Called Dwight Howard A 'P---y' Over And Over On Sunday

Joe Murphy via Getty Images

Kevin Durant sat out Sunday’s game against the Houston Rockets due to a foot injury, but that didn’t stop the Oklahoma City Thunder star from getting involved in what’s been described as an “emotional, physical and nasty” night of basketball.

Sitting on the sidelines during the game, Durant “repeatedly” called the Rockets’ Dwight Howard a “p---y," according to The Oklahoman’s Anthony Slater. The alleged insult comes just a few weeks after Kobe Bryant was heard calling Howard a "soft mother f----r" and a "bitch-ass n---a" during a Lakers-Rockets matchup in October.

“It is interesting to see Durant getting this vocal towards another player, as he is widely known as one of the calmest and most professional players in the league,” noted after the game. “Who knows what rubbed him the wrong way about Howard, but it was very obvious that he was not pleased with him tonight.”

Durant wasn’t alone in unleashing his temper during Sunday’s game. In the fourth quarter, Rockets player Patrick Beverley clashed with a referee, prompting Thunder coach Scott Brooks to run onto the court and voice his own objections.

The Rockets, shooting at just 28.8 percent, beat the Thunder 69-65.



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