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Your Favorite Blockbuster Babies From The '80s -- And Where They Are Now (VIDEO)

Who can forget the 1987 movie "Baby Boom"? In this popular comedy, Diane Keaton plays a busy New York career woman whose life gets turned upside down when she inherits a baby named Elizabeth. The little girl was played by twins Kristina and Michelle Kennedy, now 29, who recently opened up about their early years of stardom in an episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

As Kristina says in the above video, the memorable movie role might not have happened, if not for the girls' aunt. "It was an open audition for twin babies and triplets, and my mom's sister actually convinced her to bring us in," Kristina explains.

At the audition, the 1-year-old sisters apparently set themselves apart from the very beginning. "We were in the audition room with a ton of other twins, and somehow Kristina just kind of crawled toward the door," Michelle says. "They said, "C'mon in!" and we were one of the first twins they met in the New York audition. They asked that day if our parents were really interested in meeting Diane Keaton."

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'80s Blockbuster Babies Then & Now

The girls got the part and while they don't remember much from their time on set with Keaton, they got the chance to reconnect with her many years later when Keaton was doing a book signing near their hometown.

"We brought a picture of the two of us with her," Michelle says. "When she looked at the picture, she was like, 'Oh, you know, I was just thinking about these girls.' She didn't really put it together until she kind of looked up at us."

"She saw we were twins and she said 'No...'" Kristina adds.

"She couldn't believe it because we haven't seen her in years," Michelle says. "She got up and gave us a big hug. It was really nice to reconnect with her."

Since their big movie role, both girls have focused on their educations -- "Our big paycheck from the movie... went into a college fund," Kristina says -- and both now work in schools. Kristina, a newlywed, teaches high school math, while Michelle works as an elementary school librarian.

As for whether they've watched "Baby Boom" lately, well, that's another story. Kristina says, "To be honest I don't know if we've sat down and watched the movie from beginning to end in..."

"...quite a while!" Michelle finishes.

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