11/18/2014 04:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Snapshotr Shot Glass Will Eliminate Your 'Alcohol Is Disgusting' Face Forever

If we were honest about drinking alcohol on a Friday night, we'd all probably admit that a) we don't like discussing craft beer as much as we pretend to and b) taking shots is the absolute worst.

But now, we've discovered a way for you to avoid those awkward facial contortions brought on by those painful moments after you take a shot and before your chaser makes everything better. Say hello to The Snapshotr, a dual-chamber shot glass designed to hold both a shot of alcohol and a chaser.

the snapshotr

The Snapshotr was invented by Andrew Levin and Justin Altus, two friends that have known each other since they were two years old. The entrepreneurs first started developing the idea for the shot glass three years ago out of their sophomore dorms. In their Kickstarter video and emails with HuffPost Taste, Levin said that their design goal "was to have a chaser follow a shot as seamlessly as possible," plus the added bonus of using less plastic cups.

You would use The Snapshotr like this: the drinker would take the shot, give The Snapshotr a twist mid chug and the chaser would follow the alcohol. Check out the gifs below to see how it works, or watch this EDM video that explains the process:

Step 1: Pour in the chaser.

Step 2: Unlock.

Step 3: Lock to secure the filtering mechanism and chaser

Step 4: Pour in your shot

Step 5: Gulp the shot, twist to release the chaser and enjoy!

To add to the appeal, Levin and Altus boast that The Snapshotr is BPA-free, dishwasher safe and made of the virtually unbreakable Tritan plastic, which is the same material used in a Nalgene bottle. Of course, this isn't the first in shot glass innovations as, The Quaffer and Split Shooters have been around for some time.

The whole project has surpassed its $12,000 goal with 20 days left to go, and Levin and Altus are still on track to start selling their product in mid-December 2014.

Happy holidays to us, and be sure to always Snapshotr responsibly!

Gifs by Andres Jauregui and photos provided by Snapshotr

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