11/19/2014 03:57 pm ET

A Mysterious Do-Gooder Is Helping A Michigan Town, One Cash-Filled Envelope At A Time

An anonymous do-gooder has struck a Michigan city -- with serial acts of kindness.

In the last few weeks, donations been mailed to community organizations in and near Redford Township by sender who only identifies as "Anonymous - 1679," according to My Fox Detroit.

So far, envelopes, each filled with $1,000 cash, have been sent to the local library, an animal welfare non-profit, a civic and leadership training group, a credit union and the Redford Goodfellows, a group that helps needy families get holiday meals and gifts for their children.

There is one clue about the identity of the giver. According to the Observer & Eccentric, the Community Choice Credit Union in Redford received the first envelope, which also included a riddle: "Know the clue, Know the who, Anonymous - 1679."

Spread around one community, the donations could make a serious impact.

The credit union told the paper that the donation will go to their foundation, which gives up to $100,000 in college scholarships to Michigan high school graduates each year.

Tail Waggers 1990 in nearby Livonia helps owners provide for their pets, offering low-cost vaccinations, a pet food pantry and assistance for pets with serious health problems. Their donation will go toward their new animal clinic, they told Fox.

Cindy Doyle, secretary for the Redford Goodfellows, told The Huffington Post that their $1,000 donation will likely cover food, clothes and presents for 10 families; last year the organization served 225 families total.

"That money will go a long way to brighten the Christmas of several children this year," the Redford Township Police posted on Facebook, on behalf of their department and the Goodfellows. "To that generous person... Thank You!"

Anonymous 1679 has given more than money -- he or she has also directed attention to some of the organizations helping the community, and may even inspire others to give. Potential donors should keep in mind that while receiving mysterious cash in the mail may be exciting, the U.S. Postal Service recommends sending money orders rather than currency in case mail is lost or stolen.

As for who is behind the donations? Trying to figure it out is part of the fun for the recipients. Watch the video from My Fox Detroit above to hear a few of their attempts at solving the riddle.



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