11/20/2014 04:10 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2014

News Anchor Collapses Into Uncontrollable Fit Of Giggles

As this news anchor in Louisiana recently learned, sometimes it can be impossible to fight a bout of giggles.

During a live news segment on Thursday morning, Anne Cutler, a news anchor at WGNO-TV in New Orleans, was overwhelmed by an uncontrollable fit of laughter after a slip of the tongue resulted in her saying exactly the opposite of what she’d meant to.

After learning that morning commuters would be encountering some traffic troubles, she said: “I do not feel for the people stuck in that.”

Cutler quickly caught her mistake, but by then, the laughter had already taken hold. “I do feel for them,” the anchor clarified, through giggles. “I do not want to be them.”

WGNO-TV called Cutler's gigglefest the "blooper of the day."

"Anne Cutler has no compassion. Stuck in traffic? She doesn’t care!" the news outlet joked.



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