11/21/2014 05:58 pm ET

'Jane The Virgin' Chapter 7 Will Have Rogelio And Rafael Showdown

Rogelio's dad instincts are kicking in.

In a matter of six episodes, "Jane The Virgin" has taken its charismatic protagonist and audience for a spin. Jane has gone from engaged and one week from her wedding to heart-broken, single and possibly falling for a guy that could spell trouble. Oh and she's also a virgin who is pregnant with said guy's child.

The telenovela-style ending of chapter six left fans floored as Jane and Rafael threw caution to the wind (seriously, falling petals and wind in hair included) and had their grand kiss. This left fans with one question: Am I Team Michael or Team Rafael?

But this is a question that will also be on Jane's mind as she decides what to do about her feelings for Rafael. Whatever does happen between Rafael and Jane in Monday's new episode, it seems that Rogelio is not happy about it. The telenovela star is known for his over the top, if not dramatic, acts of affection toward Jane but his showdown with Rafael might just take the cake.

Check out an exclusive preview of "Jane The Virgin's" Chapter 7 above and catch the new episode Monday, Nov. 24 on the CW.