11/24/2014 04:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'If Toddlers Texted' Tumblr Shows What Little Kids Would Share On iMessage

Have you ever wondered what toddlers would say if they could text? A new Tumblr tackles that question head-on, and the results are highly entertaining.

"If Toddlers Texted" presents imagined conversations between a tech-savvy, texting toddler and some of the key players in his/her life -- mommy, daddy, grandma, Caillou, Elsa and more. From messes to potty training to birthday parties, the text conversations encapsulate all the unpredictable chaos of toddlerhood.

The genius behind If Toddlers Texted, a dad who asked to remain anonymous, told The Huffington Post in an email he drew the idea for the Tumblr from his real life. "The inspiration came from watching my own kids play with my iPhone and imagining what they would text if they could," he said, adding, "I'm sure toddlers would tattle on parents to grandma, learn annoying habits from their BFF Caillou and send texts to mom asking for milk or fresh socks."

Below is a small sample of the comically accurate fake convos. Really only a toddler would be sneaky enough to offer Santa a bribe via text...

If Toddlers Texted

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