11/24/2014 02:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Little Boy Boldly Professes His Love By Asking His Crush To Eat Cheese With Him

Today's cute kid note is a reminder that we all need to send more love letters.

Title: The Hopeless Romantic

Author: Bennet

Age: 4

Recipient: Bennet's classmate and crush, Baily.

The backstory: When he saw his mom writing an email, he reportedly asked if he could send a letter to "Baily of course."

Bennet's obvious strong suits: Likes cheese, doesn't hesitate to say "I love you," doles out creative compliments related to bugs and horses.

The sweetest part: The reaction Bennet's note has gotten has helped his mom get through a tough time. "Bennet was a very sick kid. He was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old and actually goes up for one of his last cancer checks in Portland, Oregon very soon," his mom Jennifer Skinner told Buzzfeed. "I’m always nervous about these checks and this has been a nice distraction."


H/T Reddit, Buzzfeed

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