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The 6 Most Popular Mother-In-Law Names

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We polled Facebook, and found that your kids-by-marriage generally stick to one of six categories—for better or worse. What's yours?

#1: "Grandma"
These DILs and SILs are family oriented and recognize your biggest contribution to their lives: being a magnificent grandparent to their adorable kids! And judging from the responses, this nickname seems to work out well for all parties.

My SIL calls me GeGe, that's what the grandbabies call me! — Fran C.

I'm Grammy since the grands. Or Ma when she needs to address me. — Kimberly M.

Mostly it's Nana and I call her mommy!!! — Esther S.

#2: [Insert First Name]
Most mothers-in-law we heard from take kindly to being called by their first name. It's familiar and friendly and creates a nice, level playing field for the relationship. As many readers point out, their kids by marriage already have a mother and father, so no harm, no foul.

My daughters-in-law call me by my name. They have moms—I am not here to take their place. I am their friend. — Shelley H.

I am Rita to all of them. I hated calling my mother in law Mrs Martinez. I am very close to all my in laws because I didn't force them to call me mom or Mrs Martinez. — Rita M.

All of them call us by our first names. I called my MIL Mom before I ever married my husband. — Gleneva L.

#3: LOL
Whether they're born of inside jokes or gentle ribbing, these nicknames have a high laugh factor, signaling a relationship that feels playful—if not completely conflict-free.

Your highness. — Adelaide G.

She calls me Midget most of the time. — Karin M.

Fossil... — Trudy F.

#4: Sweet As Pie
The envy of parents and children everywhere, these in-law pairs have beat the system and found true love twice in one family: their betrothed, plus parents-in-law they can't live without! You're close enough that first names—not even "Mom and Dad"—will do, so these affectionate new family members go their own nickname road.

I'm Milly or my first name. Husband is Pil. Love those guys. I'm one of the lucky mums-in-law. We call them Dilly + Silly. — Dawne W.

Mother-in-love.....and I adore my sweet daughters-in-loves so much... — Carmen B.

My daughter affectionately calls me Margy, then my SIL's name for me on his mobile is The Magilator. — Sue S.

#5: Uh-Oh
We hate to say it, but this nickname category spells trouble for your relationship... but you probably knew that already. That said, you're still communicating which means there's still hope—and at least a kernel of affection.

Probably witch. — Mary H.

To my face or behind my back? — Carol P.

His pain-in-law. Lol — Mary Ann G.

Old man. —Harold O.

I would imagine she calls me a crazy old lady who won't stay out of her business but it is her decision. — Dianna H.

#6: Nothing
Frankly, this nickname category leaves us cold. Nothing? Sons- and daughters-in-law don't need to be your new best friends, but you share two generations of relations. Something's gotta give in this nickname no man's land!

Our SIL calls us mom & dad but my DIL doesn't call us anything. 12 years married to our son and if she needs to talk to us, she waits for us to look at her. — Marilyn T.

Nothing if possible lol......he has called me by my first name on occasion, but not a lot. He has been my SIL almost 20 years, too. — Debe E.

DIL calls me by my first name. SIL calls me nothing. He avoids calling my name and its been six years!!!? — Pamela A.

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