12/02/2014 02:03 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

How Becoming A Youth Preacher Strengthened '90s Sensation Gerardo Mejìa's Family Life

Gerardo Mejìa became an overnight success in the late nineties with his hit single "Rico Suave," but at the height of his fame his family life suffered. The pop star cheated on his wife with hundreds of women, and while she stuck by him, it was only after he embraced religion that he was able to reform his ways.

"I was a terrible husband," he confessed in a Monday interview with HuffPost Live. "I was away a lot. I toured. By going out of the country, doing shows everywhere, I kept that part of my life hidden from my family."

"One day, God -- as real as he can be -- came into my life," he continued. "I said 'this it it. I'm gonna start living for you Lord.'"

The singer's VH1 docu-series, "Suave Says," shows him taking the "step of faith" he felt necessary to reaffirm his commitment to his family.

"I wanted God to re-take my family and make it right," he explained. "We've gone through so many situations, you know... it was tough. As a father, I had a choice to make."

Always one to love an audience, Mejìa started offering weekly bible study at his home every Tuesday for "80 to 100 kids," and found value in offering words of advice to a young crowd.

"[I'm] trying to lead them towards God, always watching out for them, trying to give them the best council possible," he said. "It came back to me -- practice what you preach. You talk so much about forgiveness -- let's see you forgive now."

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