12/02/2014 01:00 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

Beautiful Photos Show Military Father's Surprise Return From Afghanistan (VIDEO)

When Army Major Josh Wiles learned he was coming home from a tour in Afghanistan, he created an elaborate plan to surprise his wife Amber and their three children. He coordinated with friends, concocted multiple stories and traveled across the world to catch his family off guard, creating a sweet moment, captured on camera by photographer Kristy Magdich.

The couple rarely surprised each other, so Josh's return was a complete shock to Amber. "I had no clue, I thought he was coming home a month later," she explained to host Nancy Redd. "We were completely unprepared: the house was not clean, my two boys were running around the house in their underwear -- definitely was not how I planned for him to come home.

"We are horrible at surprising each other," she added. "We can never keep a secret, and things always--we just end up telling each other because we're excited. This is the first successful surprise."

Surprise Military Reunion

The couple's two sons were ecstatic. "They were definitely surprised but very happy. They immediately jumped on top of me," Josh said.

The couple's daughter, however, was less enthusiastic.

"Unfortunately, my daughter when I left was only 2 months old, so she didn't really know me," Josh explained. "So that took a lot longer to reintegrate back as us. I think now I can consider that she thinks I'm her favorite, but for a long time there — it took a little while for us to come back together as a unit, just because the boys remembered me but she did not, so it took me a little bit."

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