12/02/2014 02:13 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'THREE,' Queer Web Series, Explores Monogamy In The Gay Community

What does it mean to be in a monogamous, long-term relationship in 2014?

A new web series from Nashville-based writer and director Jeff Swafford explores the idea of monogamy through the lens of two gay men. Called "THREE," this humorous yet compelling web series asks: can two gay men be together long-term and still remain monogamous?

"THREE" is slated for a six-episode run in its first season and it will roll out over the next two months.

“I imagine a lot of people in long-term relationships deal with this issue in varying degrees, but it’s not really talked about," Swafford told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to create a series that reflects some of the challenges I’ve experienced in my own relationship as well as those of a few of my friends.”

The series, which was filmed in Nashville using all local talent and crew, will feature music from several indie acts including Indiana Queen, who created the music in the first episode.

Check out the first episode above.

To keep up with upcoming episodes, you can visit the show’s website or Facebook page.