12/04/2014 12:20 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2014

Jon Stewart Cannot Handle This Response From Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Even Jon Stewart felt sorry for White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday when he was hit with questions over President Obama's selection of Colleen Bell as U.S. ambassador to Hungary.

Bell, a former soap opera producer, has been widely criticized by Republicans for her lack of foreign policy experience. When pressed on the issue by ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl, Earnest stumbled to defend Obama's decision to appoint Bell.

"How much does that guy just want to reach over and tag out?" Stewart said Wednesday night, after playing a clip from the press conference.

Karl continued to push Earnest for a reason behind the president's decision, and Earnest, much to Stewart's amusement, finally responded:

"Frankly, I was not a part of this decision making process," Earnest admitted.

"That is the greatest thing I have ever seen the president's press secretary do," Stewart said. "His entire job -- his only job -- is built around trying not to go, 'Hey, look, I just fucking work here.'"