12/05/2014 12:45 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

QueerView Dec 5: A Look Back At The Week In LGBT News Stories

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices and HuffPost Live will take a look back at some of the biggest queer news stories from the past week. Check back every Friday for your queer news round-up in this regular feature titled "QueerView."

Growing Number Of Trans Americans Crowdfunding Their Transitions

Shakina Nayfack joins Josh to discuss what it was like to crowdfund her transition.

Why Retirement Could Prove Challenging For LGBT Baby Boomers

Michael Adams joins Josh to discuss why the golden years may not be so bright for some LGBT baby boomers.

Fmr. Westboro Member Documents Lives Of LGBT Youth In Jamaica

Josh discusses a profile Grace Phelps-Roper did on Jamaica’s LGBT youth.

Fashion Show For The 'Unconventionally Masculine' Heads To Brooklyn

Anita Dolce Vita joins Josh to discuss her upcoming fashion show.

Ireland's Prime Minister Is Our #UnicornOfTheWeek

Josh reveals today’s Unicorn Of The Week.

Global Spotlight: A Look At Queer Life In India

Josh takes a look at what it’s like to be queer in India.