12/05/2014 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why A Pretty 16-Year-Old Keeps Going Missing (VIDEO)

Sixteen-year-old Layton has run away from home more than 20 times in the last eight months because she says she can take care of herself and doesn’t need her mother to take care of her. She says when she’s on the streets she carries pepper spray and a knife to protect her and that people she meets, including drug addicts, take care of her.

Layton’s mother, Anna, says she doesn’t know how to control her daughter and fears she’s going to end up dead.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks the teen, “Do you think you’re at risk for something bad happening to you on the street?”

“Yeah, I know that something’s going to happen if I keep doing it,” Layton admits. “Even though I say I can carry stuff around with me, there are people bigger than me. People who can just pull me by my hair, drag me to an alley, and just cut my head off. They wouldn’t care. “

Dr. Phil warns Layton, “You are a prize on the street. You are young, and you are attractive, and you are a prize on the street. Make no mistake, you can get snatched, you can get raped, you can get drugged, you can get sold. The dangers on the street for you are unbelievable. They are indescribable to you.”

Dr. Phil also has a strong warning for Layton’s mother: “I have been homeless in Kansas City, where she has been on the street, and I’m telling you, this girl is in serious, serious danger right now, and you need to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.”

On his show, Dr. Phil offers Layton advice for getting her life back on track.

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