12/08/2014 09:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Driver Is REALLY Bad At Getting Out Of A Parking Lot

More sympathetic to this driver's plight, we could not be.

We HATE driving. We especially hate parking and getting out of parking spaces. Our visual-spatial skills and spatial reasoning abilities are not up to par. Throw snow into the equation and all bets are off.

However, video of a snow-covered Calgary parking lot appears to show a driver who crosses the line between bad driving and potentially criminally bad driving.

As the Calgary Sun reports, Calgary police have launched an investigation to determine whether charges are warranted against the driver of the BMW SUV shown making several failed attempts to get out of the lot. The investigation began after the video of the parking lot fiasco went viral.

At one point, the SUV appears to smash into the side of a red compact car. Coincidentally, the driver of the red car is shown in the video coming out to help the SUV operator. The red car's owner apparently didn't see the SUV driver hit their car.

This is why investment in public transportation is so crucial and so long overdue.

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