12/11/2014 11:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

30 Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Card Outtakes

Sending out holiday cards is a tradition that dates back to the Stone Age, when the cavemen painted "Ho Ho Ho, Bro" onto their cave walls (probably). Since then, the custom has taken many forms -- now, some families even send their wishes via YouTube parodies -- but there's one thing most people can count on: kids won't completely cooperate as planned. Just ask this dad, whose son kicked him in the balls during their holiday card shoot and then ran "maniacally" away, according to mom:

holiday outtake dad

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share photos of their funniest holiday card outtakes, and the submissions act as proof that putting a baby or toddler in front of a "JOY" sign does not prevent tantrums. Oh, the irony.

  • 1 Joy
    Jennifer Pontes Johnson/Facebook
  • 2 !@#! This
    Tricia Maze/Facebook
  • 3 Get This Baby Off Me
    Holly Korpics Nemath/Facebook
  • 4 Stop Crying Santa
    Erin Wood/Facebook
  • 5 Schadenfreude
    Lisa Newman Crosley/Facebook
  • 6 What Camera?
    Jen Breen Regan/Facebook
  • 7 Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Sabrina Krone/Facebook
  • 8 No More Photos
    Jordyn Donnellon/Facebook
  • 9 Over It
    Mandy Bredeson Reckward/Facebook
  • 10 I Need To Free
    Carrie Kizuka/Facebook
  • 11 Let Me Just Get My Booger
    Alison Chrun/Facebook
  • 12 I Want To Play
    Robyn Mccord-Dominguez/Facebook
  • 13 NO MORE
    Breanna Rush/Facebook
  • 14 Photobomb
    Sarah Hug/Facebook
  • 15 I Win
    Beryth Hammell/Facebook
  • 16 Why Are We Holding These Giant Letters
    Jana Garbutt Roy/Facebook
  • 17 This Book Is Terrible
    Elizabeth Allen-Crane/Facebook
  • 18 It's Too Late
    Kristen Hillger/Facebook
  • 19 I'm A Dog
    Tammie Stoker Shoemaker/Facebook
  • 20 Hooray
    Allison Baldoni/Facebook
  • 21 I Hate This Sweater
    Catharine Milner/Facebook
  • 22 Christmas Ruined
    Athena Abood Brown/Facebook
  • 23 YES!
    Angelica Suarez/Facebook
  • 24 Must Climb
    Holly Hackbarth/Facebook
  • 25 😙
    Jake Heather Wilson Meyer/Facebook
  • 26 😂
    Ketacha Maragh/Facebook
  • 27 👶 👶
    Pam Morton Brannick/Facebook
  • 28 OMG
    Sarah Shugarts/Facebook



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