12/12/2014 04:41 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2016

Dr. Phil's Advice For Anyone Who Gets Stopped By Law Enforcement (VIDEO)

Two African American brothers, Tywonn and Naibon, claim they found themselves in a situation similar to Michael Brown and Eric Garner when they believe they were racially profiled. The brothers, both of whom are students — one studying criminal justice in college and the other in law school — say they didn’t do anything wrong but were questioned by the officers and then a brawl broke out.

Dr. Phil tells the brothers that even if the officers' behavior were inappropriate, they could have ended up with the same tragic outcome as Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He says, "I'm telling you that if you're my sons, as a father, I'm telling you show them the license, write down all of their information, file a complaint — you could have been shot and killed in that restaurant. You get into a conflict with armed people with a badge — that's dangerous!"

Roland Martin, an African-American journalist, disagrees, saying the boys are Americans who should have the right to at least question the officers.

Dr. Phil fires back. "Pick your battlefield, and your battlefield is not at midnight with an armed guard."

Watch the video above to see the heated conversation, joined by New Orleans Saints' Benjamin Watson, whose Facebook post about no indictment in the Ferguson case went viral, as well as Mike Brooks, a detective of 26 years.

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