12/12/2014 07:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gabrielle Union Shares Her Surprising Loves (VIDEO)

Gabrielle Union is best known for her film and TV work, but acting is far from her only passion. In an interview for the Oprah.com series "Who Am I," Union talks about some of her greatest joys in life, including some surprising loves.

"I love a lot of things that people would not expect me to love," the "Top Five" actress says. "Like country music. Like line dancing. Like organizing Tupperware."

Above all, Union says she loves peace and quiet. "I live for silence and my alone time," she says. "I cherish it and value it deeply."

Husband Dwayne Wade isn't much a "rah rah" person, Union says, so the whole family loves their quiet time. "And we respect that," she says. "And they respect me wanting to read, or watching the water, looking at dolphins. Or we can all be silent together, which I love."

But that doesn't mean Union, an advocate for women's issues, won't speak up when she needs to. "I do believe we are our brother's keeper and I take that responsibility as a fellow human being pretty seriously," she shares. "There's nothing more pathetic than a wasted voice. I can deal with a lot, but not silence in the face of adversity when it can help and you have the strength to do it."

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Gabrielle Union