12/15/2014 02:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Get Your Kids To Be The Best They Can Be (VIDEO)

In his "Tip of the Day," Dr. Phil talks about how parents can get their kids to be the absolute best people they're capable of being.

"It's not about pushing, it's not about lessons, it's not about coaches, it's not always about getting into private school."

Instead, Dr. Phil suggests, it's about discovering each child's authentic self. "They have this unique talent, this unique skill, this unique combination of traits, characteristics and abilities that, once discovered, it's like pushing a big boulder downhill versus pushing that same boulder uphill. When you find what their uniquely skilled to do, everything falls into place. You’re probably going to kiss some frogs along the way, you’ll try something and it doesn’t work. Don’t try to raise them in your image; they are uniquely gifted and very individual."

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