12/18/2014 02:24 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2014

Stephen Colbert Has A Yard Sale With Nine Years Of 'Colbert Report' Props And Nonsense

Freedom isn't free. It's actually a dollar.

Haven't you always wondered what they do with all the miscellaneous props and doodads collected over the years after a show is canceled? Like when "Wheel of Fortune" finally ends, Pat Sajak will have one giant circular spinning coffee table in his living room. (At least in our dreams he will.)

The nine year run of "The Colbert Report" has come to an end, and Stephen had an awful lot of crap to get rid of that he'd accumulated over that stretch. And what's a more American way of getting rid of your useless junk than a yard sale?

Check out this clip from the final "Colbert Report," airing Thursday Dec. 18, as Stephen parts with nine years of collected freedom trinkets and liberty knickknacks.



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