12/22/2014 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 29, 2014

7 Caught-On-Camera Pranks That Prove That College Is For Shenanigans

If you’re looking for the perfect environment for shenanigans, you only need to look as far as your nearest college campus.

Because if one were to create a recipe for a perfect prank, it would look something like this: Take long stretches of unsupervised time, combine with extreme boredom and let it simmer for awhile. Add a dash of spontaneity and a sprinkle of wit. (Don’t forget to temper the concoction with the wisdom to know when you’ve gone too far, kiddos.)

In the spirit of innocent fun, we’ve partnered with Juicy Fruit to bring you our favorite caught-on-camera college pranks in recent memory, by genre.

1. The Drive-By Prank

one bicycle
the ability to ride it

This guy isn’t exactly the most prepared prankster, but he really sells the joke with some effective use of sound effects. Who-a-a-a-aaaaa.

2. The Scary Prank

one tricycle
one Halloween store costume inspired by a horror movie of your choice

At Broome Community College, this prankster injects horror into an average day by cycling, slowly, across the campus as Billy the Doll from Saw. Accolades go to (1) the prankster for injecting a few necessary dance breaks into the somber affair (2) the various students who were completely unfazed by the prank.

3. The Fill-The-Dorm Room-With-Something-Weird Prank

dozens of balloons
a well-functioning set of lungs
masking tape
an ‘80s-tastic soundtrack
a friend who can take a joke

We’re frankly astounded that any human has the aerobic capacity, let alone the patience, to inflate this many balloons without passing out.

4. The Cover-The-Room-With-Something-Weird Prank

300 meters of foil
four people
a lot of time on your hands

If you leave your friends adrift for several days at a stretch, it’s like you’re asking them to swathe your room in foil like a baked potato. Before you begin, make sure you ask the important questions, like: “are we foiling shiny-side up?” (The answer is: “Of course.”) We must note that this seems to be a particularly popular prank at “uni” in England and Wales. We heartily welcome any theories about this matter.

5. The Live Musical Prank

a beautiful tenor-soprano duo
an expressive pair of jazz hands
boundless enthusiasm
a high tolerance for public embarrassment

Sometimes, there’s a song inside of you that you just need to get out. In this flash musical, our Prangstgrup (a group that operated out of Columbia University) burst into cringeworthy, Reading Rainbow-esque song: “Magical places and faces to see / Poetry, science and technology / Inspiration in my imagination / I'm just a page or two away!” We send our regrets to the students who appeared to be personally wronged by the performance.

6. The Social Experiment Prank

an assortment of groceries, increasingly strange

Here’s another fairly easy execution, although you might end up labeled as a public annoyance. What we really love about this one is the fact that so many people suffer in silence. Whether they’re grimacing or shaking with quiet laughter, they seem content to continue their studying to the sounds of a crispy-crunchy iceberg lettuce lunch.

7. The Really, Really Silly Prank

quick feet

“He’s after me! He’s a madman! He ate the big pill and he’s gonna get me!” To his credit, the Blue Ghost conveys real panic and pathos as he races frantically through the aisles, away from the grips of a ravenous Pac Man.