12/28/2014 12:24 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

Kid Catches Santa Delivering Presents On Camera, Can't Believe His Luck

Looking to prove Santa is real? Pictures, or it didn't happen!

Seven-year-old Evan knows this -- that's why he set up a camera on Christmas Eve to catch Santa in the act. Little did he know his footage would exceed even his own expectations.

Thanks to some handiwork by his uncle, Dean Fisher, young Evan now has documentary evidence of Santa's existence, as well as a demonstration of his magical present-delivery technique.

"His older brother allowed him to use a GoPro; he's the one hitting record at the start of the video," Fisher told Tastefully Offensive, explaining what went into making his nephew's dream a reality. "I went to the house dressed as The Jolly One and did the shoot, then stayed up until 4:00 am editing and getting the finished video back onto the GoPro. The 2 hours of sleep was definitely worth it."

Unfortunately for Evan, however, it seems Santa doesn't just know when you're sleeping, he knows when he's on video. Judging by the end of the film, Evan's stunt may have landed him on the naughty list.

(Evan, if you're reading, we don't know why your uncle would want to steal Santa's thunder like that. Keep the faith!)

WATCH Evan excitedly review his footage of Santa, above.



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